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Building Careers, Cultivating Connections

Our dedicated team specializes in connecting top-tier talent with leading companies in the dynamic fields of enterprise software and high technology.

Search & Selection Process

These three steps represent our commitment to delivering tailored recruitment solutions that align with your company's goals and values, ensuring you secure the best talent available.

Needs Analysis & Customized Recruiting Plan

We start by conducting a thorough needs analysis, collaborating closely with you to understand your specific requirements and strategic objectives.

Based on this analysis, we develop a customized recruiting plan tailored to your unique needs and the demands of the market.

Position Profile Development & Alignment Assessment

Our team collaborates with you to craft a detailed position profile outlining key responsibilities, qualifications, and attributes essential for success in the role.

We conduct a compatibility assessment to ensure alignment between your company culture and the desired candidate profile.

In-depth Candidate Research & Screening

Leveraging our extensive network and industry expertise, we conduct comprehensive research to identify top-tier candidates who match your criteria.

Each candidate undergoes rigorous screening processes to assess their skills, experience, and cultural fit with your organization.

Your Recruitment Solutions Partner

Our expertise lies in empowering organizations to thrive in uncertain times by driving innovation and propelling organizations toward success. Recruiting exceptional talent is essential for survival and continued growth.



Flexibility you want at the pace you demand.



You only pay a fee upon the hiring of our Impact Player talent.


We can dedicate a team of professionals to focus exclusively on your specific solution.

The Right Impact Players

We act as your "Career Agent," strategically marketing your skills to potential employers and empowering you to negotiate effectively. Our interview coaching ensures you're fully prepared for success.



We put you in a better position to negotiate with the confidentiality you deserve


We will guide you with our expertise to the best opportunity.



We provide you with key information for your interviews, and what they are really looking for.

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What Our Clients are Saying

Michael is one of the best professional recruiters that I have ever worked with. His detailed knowledge of the job opportunity, the company that is hiring and the personalities that one may interact with during the interview process, enabled me to be very prepared and successful in winning the position. I highly recommend Michael to anyone that is in a job search in the software and technology related industries.

Jeff Hinch

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